Dental Wellness Plan

Headache Free and More Affordable: That’s the goal of Brookfield Dental Care Wellness Plan.

No more hassling with complicated coverage, deductibles, and reimbursement schedules. Just clear-cut discounted prices, in addition to numerous other member benefits, all at an affordable rate.

Brookfield Dental Care Dental Wellness Plan Member Benefits

For $445 annually per member per year, this includes:

  • Two cleanings per year by one of our licensed dental hygienists
  • One set per year of four cavity detecting X-rays (bitewings)
  • Two regular examinations by the doctor
  • A Panorex or full mouth set of X-rays when due once every three years
  • Fluoride treatments at each cleaning
  • One VELscope® oral cancer screening per year

In addition:

For any dental work you need during the wellness plan term, you will receive a 15% courtesy savings on all dental care when paying cash or check, or a 12% courtesy savings when using a credit card. There is no cap or maximum.

Experience Brookfield Dental Care Wellness Program TODAY!

Procedure Standard Fee Prestige Plan Member
Periodic Exam (D0120) $67.00 (2 per year) Included
Cleaning (D1110) $116.00 (2 per year) Included
Bitewing X-Rays (D2740) $87.00 (1 per year) Included
Topical Fluoride Varnish (D1206) $46.00 (1 per year) Included
Oral Cancer Screening Test (D0431) $41.00 (1 per year) Included
Panorex X-Rays (D0330) $168.00 (1 per 3 year) Included
TOTAL A $754 Value All Included

BDC Dental Wellness Plan Details:

  • Annual plan fee is non-refundable.
  • Payment for treatment is due at the time services are rendered. Plans are non-transferable.
  • Plan cannot be used with any insurance or savings. Discounts are applicable to treatment at BDC and cannot be applied to treatment by a specialist.
  • The BDC Wellness Plan is a savings plan, NOT a dental insurance policy.
  • Orthodontics, cosmetics, appliances, and products are excluded from this program.