Meet Dr. Ted Schrubbe

Dentistry is a great profession; it allows me to be able to spend time with my family and do the things that I love, but it also allows me to genuinely help people. I have run into many patients over the years who are fearful or embarrassed, and I make a point to not dwell on the past. I tell them, “the past is the past; you are here in the office now, and ready to make a change” and people love not being berated for bad dental habits. We aren’t here to make people feel bad; we’re here to make people feel healthy and happy!

The emphasis put on one-on-one patient care is why I decided to join the dental profession. I enjoy being able to take care of people, getting them out of pain, and helping them reach their dental goals through informed decision-making and understanding of the processes. There is nothing more satisfying for me than helping a patient reach their oral health goals, and seeing them understand the difference and make the changes to maintain it. My greatest reward is hearing patients say how happy they are that I have helped them, and how happy they are now that they have a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Education and Continuing Education

Since graduating with my dental degree, I have continued my education on various topics, including digital dentistry and cosmetics. These courses allow me to provide my patients with cutting-edge, painless dentistry and provide exceptional cosmetic and functional results.

Professional Affiliations

Family and Community

I grew up in the Elm Grove area and live here now with my wife, Darcie, and our two daughters, Colette and Arabelle. They are tons of fun and make every day great for us! We try to spend as much quality time together as possible to build lasting and fun memories. When I have free time, I enjoy playing video games, riding my bike, and working on my car.

I also volunteer for dental-related programs, such as Give Kids a Smile, and go into the first-grade classes every February and educate kids about Children’s Dental Health Month. I like being involved with the youth in the community, teaching them about oral health and giving them a positive impression of dentistry early on.