Wellness program

Dental Wellness Plan

Headache Free and More Affordable: That’s the goal of Brookfield DentalCare Wellness Plan.

No more hassling with complicated coverage, deductible and reimbursement schedules. Just clear cut discounted prices, in addition to numerous other member benefits, all at an affordable rate.

Brookfield DentalCare Dental Wellness Plan Member Benefits
For $400 annually per member per year this includes:

  • Two cleanings per year by one of our licensed dental hygienists
  • One set per year of four cavity detecting x-rays (bitewings)
  • Two regular examinations by the doctor
  • A Panorex or full mouth set of x-rays when due once every three years
  • Fluoride treatments at each cleaning
  • One Velscope Oral Cancer Screening per year

In Addition,
For any dental work you need during the Wellness plan term, you will receive a 15% courtesy savings on all dental care when paying cash or check, or a 12% courtesy savings when using a credit card. There is no cap or maximum.

Experience Brookfield DentalCare Wellness Program TODAY!

Procedure Standard Fee Prestige Plan Member
Periodic Exam (D0120) $55.00 (2 per year) Included
Cleaning (D1110) $96.00 (2 per year) Included
Bitewing X-Rays (D2740) $71.00 (1 per year) Included
Topical Fluoride Varnish (D1206) $34.00 (2 per year) Included
Oral Cancer Screening Test (D0431) $34.00 (1 per year) Included
Panoramix X-Rays (D0330) $138.00 (1 per 3 year) Included
TOTAL A $613 Value All Included


BDC Dental Wellness Plan Details: Annual plan fee is non-refundable.

Payment for treatment is due at the time services are rendered. Plans are non-transferable.

Plan cannot be used with any insurance or savings. Discounts are applicable to treatment at BDC and cannot be applied to treatment by a specialist.
The BDC Wellness Plan is a savings plan, NOT a dental insurance policy.
Orthodontics, Cosmetics, Appliances, and products are excluded from this program.
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